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We help you manage your time, tech & money so you can achieve more in your business

Sidekick are Xero Accountants in Timaru offering a proactive service to ensure that you’re ahead of the game with your accounts.

Why use Sidekick?


At Sidekick we have one key principle: simplicity. Offering a unique service that is both simple and effective is our aim, to ensure that our clients always know how their accounts are shaping up. Plus, we won’t look at you sternly over the top of our glasses if you’ve accidentally lost a receipt.

Our accounting packages are designed for Contractors, Start-ups and Small Businesses – and are all flexible to suit your requirements.

Our Sidekick package has everything you’ll need to get your finances up to scratch, plus a little bit more for your convenience and comfort.

Our Rural Accountancy package has everything you’ll need to get your finances up to speed for your farming or Agri business

Our Awards & Associations

Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
The World's 1st Ever Xero Platinum Partner
All Sidekick Chartered Accountants offices are Xero Payroll Certified
Emerging Business Category Finalists 2018

Sidekick are Xero Accountants and are leading the revolution in cloud computing for accounting – we were the world’s first Platinum Partner of the highly regarded Xero accounting software. Not to mention we picked up Xero’s NZ Partner of the Year award twice – for 2010 and 2011…but who’s counting.


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Introducing Xero


Meet Xero – Sidekick’s most effective super-power. Xero is online accounting software created especially to suit the needs of small businesses.

Everything is cloud-based, meaning that all you need to do is log in online wherever you are to view your accounts. It’s easy to use and will save you incredible amounts of time.



Not sure who to speak to? Don’t worry, just contact our office and we’ll put you onto the right person to answer your questions and put you on the right track.


The Sidekick team in Timaru is the best support a business owner could have.
They always make time and go out of their way to assist you.
Very pleased they were recommended to me.

Jane Staley
The Greedy Cow

When we were in the process of purchasing our business 12 months ago, James from Sidekick Timaru was recommended to us by a colleague. We knew it was important to have an accountant that you got along with and could build a business relationship with, so we arranged a meeting. We knew straight away that James was a great fit and exactly what we were looking for in an accountant. James helped us immensely with the entire process and 12 months later he is still helping us tackle our goals and putting plans or strategies in place to enable us to achieve those goals, he also holds us accountable which is exactly what we need especially when life and work gets busy. We have had great experiences with the rest of the team at Sidekick too, always a friendly face when you walk in the office or quick replies to emails, we honestly feel we wouldn’t have got through our first year in business without Sidekick.

Karl & Hannah Johnson
Duncan Engineering

Falling into business with not much business background meant I had a limited understanding of accounting. You do not really know what you need, and you trust them (accountant’s) to do what is best for you. I am a pretty simple bloke. With our small cashflow business, large lump sums throughout the year make it challenging to manage especially with a growing mindset. When I was talking to an old work mate one day, he posed the question. “You might not be looking for a change but why don’t you hear how James runs his ship?” So, I did. I am always open to learning and how others have adapted to provide better services over time. The team has great open communication, monthly payments, proactive approach to available resources and a ‘seek to understand approach’. Change is not for everyone, but it is for those who are open to adapting. I now feel like I have ‘that relationship’ with my accountant.

Peter Wardle
PG Wardle Limted

Sidekick was a bit of a saviour for the Fairlie Golf Club. At a time when we needed a major overhaul to our accountancy operations, James and his team came to us and jumped on board with professionalism and enthusiasm. The dedication and personal touch that they have shown has been outstanding. They have visited us at our location multiple times. The team worked countless hours on a tight timeframe to complete our end of year financials. They also helped convert us to Xero software and offered us personalized training in the new system. Responses to emails are always prompt and questions are answered. Thoroughly impressed and highly recommend! Thanks for all you have done for us, Sidekick!

Lisa Forrester
Fairlie Golf Club

We find the team at Sidekick to be professional and trustworthy. We have enjoyed building professional relationship’s with James, Melissa, and Chloe. We have sought their help during the Covid-19 crisis and have found them a true asset to our business. They have been exceptional on all matters and could not fault them! We found them to be very fast and efficient during the end of the financial year. The team at the Bakehouse highly recommends Sidekick!

Sophia Osbourne
Fairlie Bakehouse

High Country Salmon is a family owned business; our staff are a part of our family and it is important to us that our professional experts are too. Sidekick is definitely on our Team; maintaining regular contact, offering tailored advice, supporting and challenging our ideas, and working closely to develop ongoing business continuity plans that maintain the character that proudly defines our unique farm. With the ability to provide integrated support through Sidekick Cloud and Sidekick HR, we are comfortable that we’re all on the same page and heading in the right direction.

Jeni Logan
High Country Salmon Limited

Not all superheroes wear capes, but the team at Sidekick Timaru do wear capes – they are our superheroes.
Finally an Accounting Firm that is there for the customer and puts the customers needs before their own. They are young, inspiring, productive, and available at any time. During “Lockdown” we had calls from Sidekick Timaru on what services were available to us and they followed up on every offer. We did not have to do a thing, the Team at Sidekick Timaru did it all for us.
The Sidekick Timaru team run web seminars and “classroom” training. The newsletters are informative. Emails and phone calls are answered immediately. The Sidekick Timaru office is welcoming, relaxed but very productive. The Team at Sidekick Timaru are engaging and knowledgeable. We the owners of South Canterbury Hydraulics Ltd, highly recommend Sidekick Timaru.

Pete Berry and Ben O'Brien
South Canterbury Hydraulics Limited

Irricon Resource Solutions has completed their [COVID] Business Continuity Plan. It’s awesome to have a plan when it seems there aren’t any plans anymore, with the impact of Covid-19. The whole Sidekick team is providing excellent support to Irricon, during this time when we need it most.

Haidee McCabe
Irricon Resource Solutions

Our biggest challenge before we joined Sidekick was not being clear on where we wanted to go in life. We both had an idea in our minds of what we wanted life to look like in the future but we had no clear road map or action plan to make sure we achieved it. We didn’t have many people in our personal lives who had achieved what we wanted to so lacked the necessary knowledge and all-important accountability to go after it.

It really made us feel like we were just ‘winging it’ and in the back of our minds we knew that every small daily decision would add up to create our future and we wanted to be in the drivers seat on what that looked like. We also often felt stagnant despite knowing there was so much potential for us if we just had the right support and guidance.

That all changed after we joined Sidekick and one of the first questions Richard asked us was ‘Where do you guys want to be in 5 years?’ As simple a question as it was it’s not something we had ever been asked before even by our closest friends and family. It got us excited and inspired to make sure our visions aligned. It was actually really special to sit and listen to each other as we shared what was important to us in our future. Richard helped us to break our big goals down into small actionable steps which we were able to start ticking off from Day 1.

After 9 months with Sidekick we know exactly where we’re going which gives us invaluable reassurance and certainty for the future. We know our values and this influences the small decisions when it comes to daily farm life as well as investments and in our personal life. Richard helped us create an appraisal system that has already helped strengthen our working and personal relationship with our staff and which will in turn undoubtedly strengthen the efficiency and profitability of our business. We feel so empowered knowing Richard ‘gets us’ and wants to see us succeed. We look forward to going to each meeting having ticked off every goal we set in the previous meeting.

It’s worth investing in good advice and accountability. This was really not something we had factored into the budget and as good savers and being fairly thrifty it was a big decision for us to invest in this. However its already one of the best business decisions we could have made and highly, highly recommend Sidekick to anyone who’s wanting to take their business from good to great.

Eldon and Roseanne Megaw

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